Welcome to RamenCoin
Ramen Coin is the FIRST and ONLY Proof-of-Work Mineable Ethereum Token for Ramen Enthusiasts with a mission to fight hunger GLOBALLY and helping businesses in the Ramen market adopt cryptocurrency to increase sales and customer loyalty.
Powered by Ethereum
Ramen Coin is a Proof of Work ERC-20 Mineable Token designed on cutting edge blockchain technology which operates with impressive speed, security & stability.
Grassroot Community
Our project is for the community. We love the support from our community and value all feedback. No imposters here! 100% genuine.
Fighting Hunger Globally
Our primary goal is to fight hunger globally by providing food to those who lack adequate resources. We all have a right to eat and RamenCoin aims to ensure that happens.
ICO's make project creators rich while investors are left with hopes and dreams of profiting. We are not about that.
Proof of Work
Ramen Coin is based on SoliditySHA3 proof of work algorithm and Automatic difficulty adjustment.
Dedicated Support
We are here to help and guide our community as well as anyone else who is interested in our project.
Official Contract Address: 0xee8965ca57f9d252a8d5da1faa5f7d85ad78a24f

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Bridging the gap between Ramen and Anime Enthusiasts.

Here at RamenCoin we are not just passionate about bridging the gap between Ramen and Anime enthusiasts, we are passionate about fighting hunger and helping as much as we can to provide food to people who suffer from a lack of resources and starvation. RamenCoin is the currency of consensus in the Ramen/Anime cultural community and we are rapidly growing at an exponential rate.

  • Buy Ramen at your favorite shop/restaurant with RamenCoin.
  • Purchase Anime Subscriptions on popular streaming services and websites.
  • Help others in need who suffer from starvation and lack access to food.

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By utilizing the advancement of digital currency and peer-to-peer transactions based on blockchain technology, we have developed RamenCoin as the FIRST and ONLY authentic cryptocurrency for Ramen and Anime enthusiasts around the world.

Roadmap for 2018

Here's just some of our plans we're excited to share with you!
Our website and smart contract is developed to initiate the introduction of RamenCoin to the public.
We begin our campaign for community outreach to build our social media presence on platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit and BitcoinTalk.
Mining Ramen
Provide How-To's on mining RAMEN with CPU/GPU mining as well as establishing mining pools.
Exchange Listing
We will reach out to reputable and reliable exchanges to list RamenCoin for mass adoption and trading.

Whats Others Have To Say

RamenCoin's uniqueness has drawn a positive reaction to many on social media.
I think RamenCoin is an amazing idea. If you guys do it right, this could be wonderful for the people in need.
Twitter/Social Media Influencer
This is a very cool and fun concept. Ramen is a favorite with many people and tapping into this market is genius. Also, helping to fight hunger is very noble of your guys. Good Luck Team!!!
Sr. Member/BitcoinTalk
Wow, just wow... You guys really made a cryptocurrency for Ramen. At first it looks like a joke but after reviewing your site and social media, I see the potential your project has to impact the world.
Social Media Influencer/Twitter

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