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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Company of Biologists, CSIRO Publishing.

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Research Lab: Research Lab:NanoCAD Laboratory Research and Teaching Interests: Design-technology co-optimization, physical design, variability and reliability aware computer architectures

The SSDC project is a collaborative effort between three faculty of the UCLA Electrical and Computer Engineering department – Prof. Kang L. Wang (Device Research Laboratory), Prof. Puneet Gupta (NanoCAD Laboratory), and Prof. Sudhakar Pamarti (Signal Processing & Circuit Engineering Laboratory) – who are experts in nanotechnology, computing systems, design automation, and.

NanoCAD Lab Comprehensive Defect Avoidance Solution for Mitigating EUV Mask Defects Abde Ali Kagalwalla and Puneet Gupta Electrical Engineering Department, UCLA. NanoCAD Lab Outline • EUV Mask Defect Mitigation and it’s Limitations • Proposed Defect Avoidance Method • Experimental Results. NanoCAD Lab EUV Mask Blank Defects • 3.5nm high defect can cause 20nm CD change • Caused.

Follow me around: UCLA Student (Biology lecture & Bio Lab)Contact Persons: J. Jasinski, IBM; P. Petroff, University of California, Santa.

In 1999, researchers from HP Labs and UCLA experimentally demonstrated the.