To The Moon!’ In De Mac App Store

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It’s worth considering the inverse, however. A multitude of the newly-announced marquee enhancements to Apple’s roster of.

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WWDC may be in limbo due to the coronavirus outbreak, but that’s not stopping the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. Apple is.

Once you've tried Moom, you'll wonder how you used your Mac without it.

Use Moom as a normal Dock-based app, as an icon in the menu bar, or as a.

Sinds 2017 zijn alle iCentre-winkels verder als Amac Store. Zo kunnen we iedereen nóg beter van dienst zijn. Amac is nu een Apple Premium Reseller met .

Overige applicaties wissen via Finder. Apps van derden, maar ook Mac App Store applicaties kun je verwijderen via Finder. Open de app in Programma's en klik.

Apple unveiled new ways to discover and organize apps, confirmed a significant change under the hood of Mac computers.


Apple Inc <AAPL.O> on Monday said it will switch to its own chips for its Mac computers, ending a nearly 15-year reliance on.

But developers still gravitate toward Apple’s platform because it is lucrative, with a user base that is willing to spend.

Apple Inc. Lanceerdatum, 10 juli 2008. Aantal apps, 2.200.000 (macOS en iOS samen) (maart 2017).