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Bitcoin current events, technical news, and commentary with Pierre Rochard and Michael Goldstein.

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DCG’s chief executive explains why decentralization is non-binary and how people are using Dash around the globe.

Mobile mesh networks, a network of peer-to-peer (or device-to-device) connections between mobile phones or IoT devices can be.

The Bank of Canada is preparing to design its own central bank digital currency (CDBC), detailing its plans in a new job.

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Nieuws HTC komt met blockchaintelefoon die werkt als full bitcoin node FED.

1 juni 2020.

Op BitcoinVisuals kun je de status van het netwerk zien: het aantal nodes, betaalkanalen die open staan, de capaciteit et cetera. Het hele netwerk.

Canaan Creative’s stock is at the lowest price since going public while Revolut is simultaneously ceding ownership of and.

The Kin Foundation said in a press release the move to Solana’s blockchain was in response to a growing user base, which.

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Whether or not the Federal Reserve eventually cuts interest rates to negative levels, it might be a case of heads: bitcoin.

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