Nano S And Litecoin!


Download and run Mnemonic Code Converter offline Find the private key for my nano s for litecoin using the above app. Send the litecoins from nano s to another wallet e.g jaxx. Once sent from nano to jaxx. Then import private key to litecoin cash wallet to claim. 2.

06/09/2017  · I just got my nano s today, and chose segwit for bitcoin. I could transfer Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, ETC and ETH on it without problems, but when i went to the Litecoin wallet it shows me the Bitcoin wallet with the Bitcoin amount i have on there. I tried multiple times but the same happened.

06/10/2017  · I hope someone can help me with an issue i am currently facing with my ledger nano s. Yesterday I transferred my Litecoin from kraken to the ledger. Today I checked the ledger and there seems to be no history at all and the balance is zero. When I click on receive it shows me an address other than that I used yesterday but I guess thats normal. Checking the address I uses yesterday in an.

1 maart 2019.

Kritieke bug in Ledger Nano S, cruciaal dat je update.

“kritische kwetsbaarheid in de Bitcoin-app is opgelost die door Mycelium is gerapporteerd”.

2/4 @ LappoSergey from @MyceliumCom found the bug, with some help from @ LeoWandersleb.

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8 Jul 2019.

I emailed Ledger support: Litecoin won't sync on ledger live with my nano s. I've tried updating to the latest firmware, uninstalling and.

Hoe installeer en gebruik ik Bitcoin Cash (BCH) op mijn Ledger Nano S of Ledger.

Ik zie geen saldo meer in Ledger Live / Ik krijg een synchronisatie error.

Please take my problem seriously. I sent 105 litecoin to my Ledger Nano S a month ago. (3 August 2017) And after transfering i saw my balance at Ledger Nano S and than i unplugged from my mac. Next day I plugged my Ledger Nano S to mac and I saw that my litecoin account was empty. I was so surprised!! Here’s what I did to solve the problem: I reset google chrome and deleted all caches. I.

The Nano Ledger S was bought straight from the official website. When I logged into the the app (Legacy Chain) and checked the balance the amount was right. I then tried to send some Litecoins to one of the exchange, which later appeared in the exchange. I went to check my balance on the app again and somehow the balance showed a very little amount. The transactions does not show any debiting.

I opened up the Ledger Manager (chrome app) and installed LiteCoin app, it appears on my Nano now. But i don’t have an app in chrome://apps, like there’s no Wallet app so i don’t know how to use it. This support website : Seems to suggest i should open the

Install the Litecoin app on your Ledger device to manage Litecoin (LTC) with Ledger Live. The Litecoin app is developed and supported by.

Fabrikant Ledger heeft een opvolger voor de populaire Ledger Nano S. Het nieuwste.

Het instellen van je nieuwe Ledger Nano X; Verbind je Nano X via bluetooth met je telefoon; Bitcoin en andere crypto ontvangen en verzenden.

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Help mij een 25e woord instellen.