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Gold Jokes. What did Gold say to the periodic table? Hey you! upvote downvote.

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At this point we all know TikTok is a source of comedy gold, and in today’s edition, people are using their time in.

Funny videos 2018 ✦ Funny pranks try not to laugh challenge P24Social media users have made plenty of jokes about getting dressed up for simple chores during quarantine, but Channing Tatum.

23 Apr 2019.

Any prospector who uses a detector can tell you they have laboured endlessly in the hot sun digging holes for gold nuggets only to come home.

Officers from South Wales Police were deployed to St Mellons after onlookers spotted the mystery knight dressed in a medieval.

As the show’s sixth and final season arrives on UK Netflix, Alexandra Pollard speaks to the cast about the show’s humble.

27 Nov 2019.

From ghastly double entrendres to wince-inducing puns, there's some real fool's gold out there – here are some of the best worst jokes around.

CAPTAIN Tom Moore is set to release two books, including his autobiography, has set up a charity and given his most revealing interview yet.

Gold jokes. So I was mining off the coast of Canada and one of my co-workers found gold. I said AU, bring that over here!

The Best Jokes about Gold.

The husband says to wife: "My Olympic condoms have arrived. Think I will wear gold tonight." The wife says: "Why don't you wear.