Bitcoin Flag Day

Definition. A Soft Fork activated by flag day or node enforcement instead of miner signalling. Synonyms. User-activated soft fork. UASF. Not To Be Confused With.

5 May 2020.

Bitcoin (BTC) failed to plant a flag above $9000 early on Tuesday,

a 1.9% decline on the day, according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index.

7 april 2020.

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3 May 2020.

Bitcoin (BTC) price has risen over the $9K mark for the second time in 24-hours. On Saturday the day bulls managed to push the price of the top.

Over the past few days, Bitcoin has been flagging. Ever since it peaked at $10,300 on Wednesday, it has been mostly downhill, with the leading cryptocurrency falling off a cliff on that very same day to $9,250 in an extremely short period of time.

PARSIQ today announced the production release of its blockchain monitoring and automation solution. PARSIQ is the first blockchain monitoring platform that allows users to create "Smart-Triggers" to.

SegWit+3m remains as the HF trigger.

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11 May 2020.

Bitcoin prices are up nearly 25% over the past 30-day period, but down 12.5%.

Charting a bull-flag breakout, S&P 500 ventures atop 200-day.

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This just changes the flag day to midnight UTC May 1st, 2017. See #300 for background.

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