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I cannot say for sure that some of the misbehaving nodes are not malicious / trying to attack. However, there is a bug in ABC 0.14.2 that can lead to a.

So I did not run Bitcoin ABC for few months and now I restarted my node ( updated version to v0.20.12). I have been stuck at block 609161 for few hours, already.

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George Donnelly -BizDev @ Bitcoin ABC / BCH Latam / BCH Ignite.

Bitcoin Atm Radar Toronto 26 Aug 2019. So the woman goes and deposits $12,000 cash on a Bitcoin ATM at a Hasty Mart in. These kiosks are connected to the Internet and let users deposit cash in exchange for receipts for crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin. While the machines typically look. . a stationary exchange where we can anonymously exchange

9 May 2017.

I do not feel the ABC project any longer represents my interest in keeping Bitcoin Cash an open, permissionless currency, a peer to peer.